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Cullen, James; Knees, Sabina G; Cubey, Suzanne H; Shaw, JMH

The European garden flora flowering plants: a manual for the identification of plants cultivated in Europe, both out-of-doors and under glass Buch

Cambridge University Press, 2011.

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Villiers, AT De

Stapeliads of southern Africa and Madagascar, Peter V. Bruyns, Umdaus Press, Hatfield, 600 pp in 2 Hard Cover Volumes, ISBN 1-919766-37-5 and-38-3, R1400-00, Email: umdaus@ succulents. net Buch

Elsevier, 2007.

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Focke Albers, Ulli Meve

Sukkulenten-Lexikon Bd 3 Buch

Ulmer Verlag, 1990, ISBN: 978-3-8001-3982-8.

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Lückhoff, Carl August

The Stapelieae of Southern Africa Buch

AA Balkema, 1952.

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Bolus, H; Guthrie, F; Brown, NE

Flora Capensis vol. 4 Artikel

In: 1909.

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America, South

Succulent Flora of Southern Africa. By Doreen Court (revised Artikel

In: 0000.

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